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Welcome to (Fox)hell!

Welcome to Foxhell!

A little about myself – but I hope nothing that overtly duplicates what’s written in the “about” section.

My name is James McLean. I’m a fulltime illustrator working in a full spectrum of unhealthy arty vocational activity from game design to editorial cartoons. Somewhere in the middle of that is “comic art”. It’s not something I dabble in much (comics is a tough medium – and not that well paid given the talent required to narrate, depict and stylise a concept in such high quality). However I do have creative leanings and this here is an outlet for such creative attributes and seeing where it will lead. If nothing else, for me personally, it’s a fascinating evolution of story and creativity. I’m happy to share that process and will do so rather frankly on this blogreel.

Foxhell is one part of a bigger story that floats around my head and archive. Could be almost a prelude to a book I’ve tinkered with for the past few years. A tale in its own right, like all tales, belongs to a greater world – and that world I may – or may not – expand on at a later date.

Anyhow, the first 19 part tale will shortly go up on this site – I’m just doing a couple of script tweaks, though I hope the first strip that will remain on the main page will give you a rough idea as to what to expect!

If you want to know more about me, visit – or follow me on twitter @jamessmclean. You can get updates for Foxhell by subscribing on the right of the page!

Glad to meet you!


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