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Foxhell: Wine and Die begins!


A day late I’m afraid, blame it on festivities, blame it on insecurities, and blame it on some minor rewrites – or blame it on one of my dear co-creators, Paul L Mathews who got me nervous about the dialogue! Paul and myself have worked on several projects in the past, dear lord, ten years – in that time one of our longest collabs was on a short running news strip called Stripped Bare. In some respects, Foxhell is an extension of that format – a format I had used when I was at university and doing the Batman based Dark Knight Adventures fan-comic for World’s Finest website. Most recently we did a comic strip called Desire that was published in the award winning magazine Murky Depths earlier this year. I value his advice, and embraced it.

One of the concerns I had with Foxhell was having the central narrative being first person and given the characters lack of social graces, somewhat informal. I also wanted it so the origins of this character were ambiguous – American? English? But at the same time, all too wary that it was just too jumbled to premiere a world as much as a comic. Paul’s nudge was a push in the right direction when he suggested the English was odd, so I’ve made it a little less informal – though still very clear the speaker is far from well spoken… as I apparently might be…

In any respect, Wine & Die has had its first episode released today that will hopefully give an indication as to what sort of world Foxhell is.

Next part of Wine and Die tomorrow!


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