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Part 3 of Wine and Die now online!

Part three of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

Onward my friends… another blomble or ramblog (blog/ramble or ramble/Blog – I’m steering towards blomble, thanks to the terminology feedback by Mr Morrison).

It’s a slow daily affair, but I’ve always liked news-strips. Something “coffee-breaky” about them. A quick read on a daily basis. Why you could even put them in the daily newspaper, at the back!

I remember as a kid my family used to get a tabloid, and there wasn’t really any strips worth noting in it. I recall only one episodic strip which episodically had the main character strip, at her top half, but aside from there being some pre-pubescent curiousity in such, there was some enjoyment watching an event unfold day by day. At the time, even soaps were only twice a week, so it was pretty much as episodic as you could get in fiction – certainly for a kid. You shared someone’s life, popping in each day, often at the same time. In some ways, the simple daily format of three-four-five panels can be extremely potent and powerful.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’ve done a couple of news-strip based episodic stories before and I failed a little on delivery – with sometimes large spaces between the episodes as life kicked in. There will be gaps between Foxhell stories, but not episodes. Strips will be complete before they start releasing. So stick with it day by day, you’ll get the whole story as promised. Promise.

There maybe a minor gap between this tale and the next, not that I want one, but 2012 should be busy and I’ll really watching has this unfolds as to judging which of three scripts I embrace as number two. Four in fact, I had quite a simple idea last night I’d like to use, which might answer some natural questions that might begin mulling in your mind as you enjoy coffee-breaky.


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