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Part 4 of Wine and Die now online!

Part four of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

Already onto part four, how time flies. 

So where the hell did this idea of hell come from?

Quite frankly, not sure. Never been a massive one for mythology or theology, but I guess I’ve always found how we respond to both subjects fascinating; how we draw comfort blankets around our own uncertainty in regards to our existence, how we justify our actions and how we look for a future beyond our future – a life beyond life.

Putting the question of god(s) aside, and the prospect of an afterlife, we seem to dream of heaven being like mortal beings on fluffy clouds, playing harps – but with mortal minds… now strikes me dear reader, wouldn’t that get a bit dull? I guess in some respects Foxhell plays with this notion of eternity and how an eternity within the mortal construct we understand could exist. After all, science fiction, historical drama, all play with contemporary ideology because to invest in drama we must empathise and understand the construct. To this effect, all drama is based on contemporary thinking. If audiences were to invest in something truly futuristic, or honestly historical, could well be many watching such stories would find it very hard to connect.

Foxhell doesn’t look to try and depict the eternity we could never understand, as we’d never be able to understand it – it’s looking at a world we do understand and how the (Fox)hell we’d cope as mortals in an eternal expanse – or could we?

One day we’ll know. And on that day, to paraphrase the great Douglas Adams, “drink up, your world is about to end…”


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