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Part 6 of Wine and Die now online!

Part 6 of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

Happy New Year!

Started working on the next strip this week. Looking to explore the idea and change the tone and perspective. Need to press on with that. Though need to press on with some book work, video game work, writing for a book and got some upcoming magazine work to look at this week, before taking a really belated look at my tax return and – hopefully – my usual regular cartoons for another magazine. So wedging more Foxhell inbetween will be a challenge.

That’s the burden of freelance sadly – it sounds cool on the face of things, but if its not a scabble to find work, it’s a scrabble to fit in work – and the worst of it all is when you have a little time off, where you could perhaps catch up on some personal projects, you deflate and do nothing, enjoying the do nothing moments… which if were sacrificed, would make the do something moments a hell of a lot easier.

Plus I need a new pen. How sad is that. Illustrator without a good pen – or a cheap one. Might as well call in Luke Skywalker without his lightsaber, or He-Man without his Sword of Power. They’d be mocking me if they could see me now (as much for hermit-esque life and bleached hair, but I give as good as I get, and retorts involving dubiously close relationships with their sisters would be equally appropriate to both hecklers).

Well I leave you to overcome your hangovers and adjust to a new year. Let’s hope it’s a good one.


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