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Part 7 of Wine and Die now online!

Part seven of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

Site design is always a problem.

Whether or not this site design works is hard to tell. Invariably there is a trap with episodic material that if you relay on promoting just the latest strip, for the ease of your regulars, you might reveal something to newcomers who would wish – and you’d prefer – to start at the beginning. If you promote the entire strip, you irritate regulars who have to keep scrolling to the bottom – which on notebooks/touch sensitive pads/smart phones – can be a pest.

Best I could do was cater to both. If you’re a new reader, all links really take you to the story “archive”, and thus give the chance to read from the beginning – and of course, if you’ve skimmed or forgot something as a regular, you can see the strips so far in context.

If that doesn’t interest you, quick click McGraw you maybe, there is the latest episode page, where you can see the sole episode of the day. Both are on the top menu bar, but for the ease and convenience of McGraws (and I am a McGraw myself in my net experience), here are the links!

Foxhell: Wine and Die – Latest Episode

Foxhell: Wine and Die – Archive

I recommend bookmarking one or the other!


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