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Part 8 of Wine and Die now online plus the issue with narrative in news-strips!

Part eight of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

This latest strip is one of those most horrendous and sometimes clunky of devices – exposition.

One of the toughest issues with strip is the fact there is little room for natural exposition. Unless the strip draws out, finding place to have characters implement plot/background information into their dialogue is at best, difficult. Strips are short and choppy by nature – so getting detail, particularly background information which is neither relevant to the current character’s conversation but vital for readers is a painful affair. If you can’t make it natural, can you make it interesting?

The approach I took for Foxhell is an age old but simple technique – the old first person narrator. Not only does it give you a way of delivering information that doesn’t have to be directly relevant to the character’s in situation, it gives you a nice way to layer information with events. In this particular strip (and I will be candid, artwise, not my proudest moment – must have been a busy week), we have exposition as to Fox’s background layered over the action of a brawl. This allows the dialogue to be a little more dry whilst the action keeps the strip hopefully fluid.

The other intent of this strip is what one could call “the mid-season approach” – a reprise of the basic world premise for new readers and old readers, who are still fairly new to the concept. So exposition, reprise and a little relevant action in one strip.

Nothing particularly insightful in this blomble, but perhaps for some might give reading this story an added layer of examination!



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