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Part 10 of Wine and Die now online plus The Art of Fail

Part Ten of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read!

This particular strip is, hands on the table, cards, heart and soul exposed, my least favourite.

It’s perhaps the antithesis of last strip. This is simply action, which at best doesn’t really flow in a strip, not for me anyway. In the years of reading Dan Dare, James Bond, Flash Gordon and Judge Dredd in strip form, I’ve never found action carries well – but worst still, this doesn’t quite work in itself. If you manage to get through the strip and be ready – and willing – for the next part, I’m happy. Perhaps a little too Miller-esque, which unless you’re Frank Miller, perhaps not a good thing! I do remember this was a very, very, very stressful week – and this strip suffered for it! I quite liked it at the time, now, not so sure – I do quite like some of the flow to the sequences. Always hard to decide when you’re close to a project whether you are muddled by self doubt, or seeing things clearer than you’d ideally prefer!

But there you go – no point blogging if you can’t be honest!

One minor last minute experiment in this strip – green narrative boxes. The idea? Well, the story is told in past tense through the narrative. I wondered about trying a green box in present tense to give you an idea of what she’s thinking. On reflection, I don’t think this approach will appear again – so enjoy it while you can!

While this is very much an action strip, it does have some relevant pieces in there – a couple of throw away lines to the nature of Fox – that she isn’t super perfect and much of what she is is what she has had to become. I think they are relevant at this point given we’ve not really explained much about her – in fact, she is more ambiguous than the Legion that co-exist in the strip with her. And I like that. I like the idea that that the one character you should be able to relate to, you don’t know enough about to really relate to her – aside from perhaps understanding her situation. On top of that, her situation, while understandable, isn’t that sympathetic – the position she’s in is largely her own doing. Flawed characters have always interested me. Give me a Kerr Avon over a Captain Picard, a Batman to a Superman – a Donald to a Mickey… and Fox is flawed in a lot of ways that will – hopefully transpire.

So is it fail?  Perhaps on reflection, after reading this blog through and looking at the work, not as bad as I suspect. That being said, could have been better. But sometimes the decision is either to get something out or let yourself procrastinate on what’s wrong with the work. Sometimes letting yourself succumb to your own personal standards IS the fail, and occasionally its best to rise above that, adhere to your personal deadline and let the work ride as it is. In that sense, no, not a fail at all – just an acknowledgement this particularly strip, personally, was one I’d like to have spent longer improving.


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