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Part 15 of Wine and Die now online!

Part 15 of Wine and Die is now up – Latest episode!

Part 15 of Wine and Die is now up – CLICK here to read the full story!

A small comment on this strip and the previous. In the original script, they were the other way round. Initially this played better dramatically. So episode 15 was episode 14 and episode 14 was episode 15 – we saw the building explode, then Fox find herself in the “blur” state. Which seemed more unusual and perhaps slightly curious as to the direction the strip was going.

However the reason it was swapped was all due to episode 16 – tomorrow’s episode. I personally felt the story flowed better if this episode and episode 16 flowed into each other and wasn’t split apart by the episode you saw yesterday.

See what you think tomorrow. It was an instance where I felt flow was better than narrative mysteries. This strip has already been jam packed with exposition, narrative twists and flashbacks. I felt that moving this episode around helped give the final episodes a little more simplicity to their flow!

Hope that made sense!


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