Online Fantasy Comic

New story, Lucky In Love now online!

Lucky In Love begins!

This is a larger arc, possibly a little more serious to start with exploring some of the backdrop to the Foxhell premise through a new wide eyed individual. This will be a three act story – told, in three chunks (each a complete tale on their own) – with perhaps a couple of one off interludes for fun.

Foxhell is something I want to have a little fun, a little serious and sometimes a little “ick” factor. Fox is like a real person (aside from being dead and somewhat heroic) – some days she may be whimsical and others serious – depending how she deals with those hidden burdens she’s yet to divulge. Never wanted her to be a “fixed point” character and characters like her which border on the “larger than life” somewhat, can easily fall into that trap.

Art changes again, something rougher, gnarly and with a little more pace to it. Though lack of time of course is a factor to how clean any art is – lack of time can add those attributes whether one likes it or not… and there has been some serious lack of time moments, but I think that gives it a dynamic, fun, storyboard quality I’m not unhappy with!

This tale will be 5 episodes a week, a break at weekends!




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