Online Fantasy Comic

Foxhell: Episode 3 of Lucky In Love now online!

Lucky In Love continues!

A bit of universal background being exposed here! How does a person get to Hellion’s Gate? How to people exist in eternity realms? These are questions that will have some answers (maybe not too detailed, this ain’t a thesis, it’s picture n’ crayon time!) but I think are deserved to be noted.

Always wondered how people could be the same in eternity – life is different… but how different? That I think is fascinating. One school of thought is the mortal mind would go insane with eternal life, the other school is we live in the now, does it matter for how long… or would we adapt? I hope to explore this a little further as the story progresses.

So add  “life after death hypothesis” to the list of Foxhell aspects – right next to “people being punched in the face lots”!


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