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Foxhell: Episode 9 of Lucky In Love + fighting Artist’s Block!

Lucky In Love continues!

Brighter day for me – one where a whole load of artist block on another project has had me very unhappy in working. I seem to be breaking through that wall now and so other projects seem less of an obstacle. Nothing worse when trying to solve one art conumdrum when you have other obligations you have to focus on too.

Advice against Artist Block?

Give yourself space – time if you have it. If you haven’t, and you’re on a deadline, just have to suck up those balls and just wade on through. I find you’ll be amazed at what you can produce when you have no time to really think about things. When you have space, that’s where I find the block occurs.

Slooooow right down. Don’t try and PUSH through the block. A push is like running at a brick wall. It won’t break, but it can break your confidence. You can go through a block, you have to go over it. To do that you need to assess what the obstacle is, how you are failing to traverse, and re-evalulate your path. Then, knowing where you’re going wrong, try going right – but don’t rush, or you’ll fall down and be back at square one. Do it right, and do it slow.

Be patient with yourself – and your friends and family!

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