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Foxhell: Episode 10 of Lucky In Love + Work Big!

Lucky In Love continues!

How’s the artist’s blog? Glad you asked. A bit better, but as I said yesterday, a slow issue to push on through. 

It’s an amazing disorder to suffer in your work as it spreads from that one problem across to your other projects. So you end up having to pull yourself together across the board!

Slowing down has been best choice and one truth I was taught at school… and sometimes I still ignore. Work big.

On the particular project causing the artist’s block, I was trying to fit a page design into a template I had created on around A4 size. The work was too detailed to really work in that format – for me anyhow. It wasn’t until I broke away after several “bleugh” attempts and worked big, that I felt the mojo return.

Of course Foxhell is done small, given I like to keep it from getting in the way of my main bulk of work. Though if this was a proper project I’d work on a larger scale with it. Large scale gives your hand more scope, it’s better for observation-to-paper co-ordination and gives you a better line/curve when inking.

This is all of course a personal standpoint. Other, more talented artists can work small! But I’d say for the most of us simple artists – work big when you can!

If you enjoy Foxhell, more of my work is available to view at

Your support is always most, most welcome!


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