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Foxhell: Episode 12 of Lucky In Love and the disappearing knife!

Lucky In Love continues!

Foxhell part 12, incorrectly labeled 15, in part because I’m a sloppy ess oh bee, but because this was a part of the script I’d removed, then decided to re-insert into the story. Which makes the next part interesting from a critical reader’s point of view, as you’ll see how it opens with Lucky holding the knife and how the knife is itself slipped into the dialogue without being – hopefully – too clunky, given it was mentioned in yesterday’s strip. The idea was I felt at the time the set up for the knife would be a little better as a post reference, so far as you didn’t have to see it being given. I just figured it would pick the pace up if we didn’t have that moment – but then I realised we lost a character moment for Lucky and the knife could perhaps carry a little more weight if it’s introduced correctly… which is what we have here… I hope.

Well I hope that’s interesting more than spoilery – nothing given away… other than there’s a knife in these two episodes – today and tomorrow!

Whether you like or dislike Foxhell, I hope these little introspectives into the story build might prove interesting!

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