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Foxhell: Episode 13 and the Font Size of Doom

Lucky In Love continues!

Made a couple of errors in this weeks strips – font size!

Now, the way WordPress works does limit resolution, but given so many people view sites on mobile systems these days, not a bad thing – and makes it far less fun to rip off a 590 pixel wide strip – so it has its upsides. Low load time too (particularly for those with connections on the move).

Downsize is keeping fonts reading – especially if like Foxhell, it can be fairly wordy on occasions. Odd concepts often are. Sadly the font sizes set for this weeks were too big – they looked clunky and messy. So I reduced them a few points and it was fine yesterday, did so again today – on a smaller strip in actual size and of course, it was too small, so up went the font again.

Finding that balance is very hard – especially with technical confines, bandwidth concerns and different resolutions viewing the work. I do my best to make it a balance of all these factors… if it isn’t, well at least you know I try and I’m thinking of you!

If you enjoy Foxhell, more of my work is available to view at

Your support is always most, most welcome!


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