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Foxhell: Episode 16 of Lucky In Love and Creating On The Run!

Lucky In Love continues!

We’re back again and the latest story continues to move direction!

Behind the scenes, it’s a difficult situation as I’m running behind schedule! Now this I find has its ups and downs. It means I’m no longer running directly to plan, but it gives freedom to shape the story a little based on reflecting the finished episodes. Sometimes seeing it laid out in its finished elements can give you an idea – or generate the notion of a problem – that could be useful to bare in mind when dealing with future episodes. Maybe even re-emphasising an story attribute you feel might be getting lost in the pace of the strip.

On the downside, its harder to keep up and you end up having to push yourself a little harder – when you’re in that situation, more chance of missing something pre-planned, that gets lost in changes.

But overall, it’s quite an exciting way to work, and for me, Foxhell is as much an exercise in speedy produced, quality tales as it is about telling a story!

If you enjoy Foxhell, more of my work is available to view at

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