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Lawlessness in Fiction and the Real World

Lucky In Love continues!

Ah the revelation on The Pity.

Rejection of Law… doing terrible things to people… perhaps conjure up the notion of Whedon’s “Reavers” in his great work, Firefly – insane, violent, terrifying, feral animals of Man. I figured that was a nice suggestion, but Foxhell would go in a different direction.

As with most fiction – fantasy/science fiction – you can see roots in topical issues. If you look at 2000AD in the 80s, it was about nuclear fear – Cold War stuff. 90s, wrought fear of corporation take overs. Look at The Cybermen from Doctor Who – in the 60’s the reflected the fear of organ transplants, by the 2000s, it was technological upgrades. The Pity are no different. They are an example of the growing dislike and hatred for the upper echelon of society – bankers, politicans – people who cream off taxes legitimately, who can stand to take on criminal investigations and win – because essentially, they are above the law. They are Lawless because they don’t have to abide by the code – not because they are at the bottom and too raw to exist within a social construct, but because they are too big and powerful to be forced to live in a social construct.

The Pity are very contemporary in design. They are violent. They are horrid – but they don’t see themselves as monsters. They are selfish and do what they want because they can. And when you can do anything, you can do everything – and that takes us down to the insane horror and depravity we see in Foxhell – which I’m sure those who are beyond the law would (or do) enjoy if they had such power.

The main factor of The Pity, as you will be seen, is they do not see themselves as Monsters. It’s not that usual fictional Nazi superiority ideology, but something more fundamental which by co-incidence I found expressed very well in this article in the Guardian today that ties in very much to what I was looking to express in this story – how people look at that localised circle as the norm, and are often unable to see beyond that to how they are perceived beyond it. Very typical of Bankers/Journalists/Politicians in recent expose who genuinely seem dumbfounded that high bonuses/bribing/claiming expenses on tax payers money, are anything beyond the usual in their groups. The Pity are very much like this and perhaps an expression of my perspective on some of the social models we’re seeing flouting “Lawlessness” in our society, away from the usual stereotypes on the “bottom rung”.

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