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Foxhell: Episode 25 of Lucky In Love – Crazy Nights

Lucky In Love  archive of the story so far, or check the latest episode HERE!

Late night Foxhell!

If I’m honest, this episode isn’t a fav of mine. Dialogue fine, reveal – fine (yes its a little deux ex machina, set ups are there, but no one short of a mildly interested genius, my brain or some massive fan who probably doesn’t exist at this moment would get it) – it’s just a little rushed from my part. My apologies in advance. Work is busy right now, Foxhell will take that hit until someone pays me lots of cash. The visual pacing is a little off – the visual set ups, flow and actions are just a little contrived. But that’s life in the indie fast lane. The only upshot is I get to share the fails honestly with you dear reader, and I hope – deep in my heart – you don’t find the issue at hand quite as apparent as I do!

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