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Foxhell: Episode 26 of Lucky In Love – Action Dialogue!

Lucky In Love  archive of the story so far, or check the latest episode HERE!

Fast and frenzy artwork! Busy, busy week – so this is run run run run run – and as always, I rather lack that. Fast, fluid, manic.

But with only 2/3 of frames, and some funny/odd scenarios, there is some give/take. As such, I apologise for the visual to dialogue descrepency that is needed, but when looked at – seriously – looks like a contrast in your senses. Much lip flapping, two frames of movement.

Well, the answer beyond “it’s just a comic strip” is – you need to imagine the frames in between. A building is collapsing, they’re trying to get out. The dialogue is spread over that event, but for the context of this medium, it’s wedged into two frames. It’s a pain, but I think it’s necessary.

There’s a comment I’m sure you’ve seen many, many times that’s made by many creatives – “don’t presume your audience is stupid – they are far more intelligent than you give credit for…” – well it’s a dumb comment. Strips, stories and fiction aren’t really about intelligence, particularly in a short/fast medium – it’s about people’s time and attention span – especially these days. It’s not audiences are dumb – they just don’t always have the time to invest in the ideas you’re spelling out – so in some cases you HAVE to spell them out. Sure, some might not need it – but others will.

It’s like designing websites – you’ve got to look at your potential browsers and say “how much do I need people to navigate?” If you’re arty and niche, probably very little – but if you’re not, you have to presume on the person who is bewildered at even moving a mouse as much as the person you envisage – who just happens to have your skill and perception base. For me, I look to my mother – who after years on the net, is easily distracted/confused by something which isn’t accessible. She’s not stupid, she’s not dumb – but she’s not “into” design/technology to need to get so fluid with it – as such, when I design sites – even this one – I do my best to make it as easy to navigate as possible (and when you are showcasing art on a blog platform, that’s not always workable).

Bottomline is I could trim a lot of the dialogue today as most was alluded to on Friday. If you are “into” Foxhell, and reading it episodically, you probably just needed a “WE NEED TO GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!” – but that’s not accessible, and for news-strips which by the nature of being a slice of story every 24 hours – it’s something I’m wary of.

So I try and make the details as interesting and dynamic as possible so it won’t bore readers who are like me, nor confuse readers who are far more disposable in their focus levels. That’s not meant to be derogatory to anyone but myself. Life is busy, not everyone has time to focus on McLean and his little projects. I try and honour that by occasionally letting the dialogue babble to ensure people have the best chance of keeping up with the rumbles in my brainbox.

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