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Foxhell: Episode 28 of Lucky In Love

Lucky In Love  archive of the story so far, or check the latest episode HERE!

I have to say on a personal note, at episode 28, I’ve enjoyed the fast, furious finish these past two weeks given these episodes have been fired out on the day itself in amongst work. It’s a FAR faster process and as I’ve said so many times now, a lot of fun. Drawbacks? If you’ve got a busy day, stuck penciling, drawing, monotoning, lettering and then publishing a strip is a lot of work. Even if you’re fast.

But after this tale ends there will be some more standalones which don’t have to be so rigorously daily – and I think if you’ve been made to follow this from the start, some shorts will be very welcome indeed!

Hope you enjoy this episode which doesn’t take a mastermind to work out, is a crossroads moment…

If you enjoy Foxhell, more of my work is available to view at

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