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Foxhell: Episode 38 of Lucky In Love now online!

Lucky In Love  archive of the story so far, or check the latest episode HERE! (note this will change daily!)

A fair bit of “revelations” and “backstory” in this episode – more than I initially intended during this run.

In fact, there was no intended details as to Fox’s past, but I figured if I didn’t deploy some soon, these occasional references to “Eye of God”, to the “Heralds” and her unforgiven past (though who hasn’t forgiven her hasn’t been made quite clear…) sort of float annoyingly if an anchor isn’t dropped sooner than later – especially in the “drib drab” medium of a news strip. So I figured I’d give out some basic background – though rest assured it is just that: basic. I’d be very upset if Fox just sounded like another “weapon” gone rogue – very much a commonality to a lot of anime. The weapon aspect isn’t really relevant, and rest assured, it isn’t going to pop up at convenient moments to resolve storylines – I wanted to show the potential in Fox, but not suggest this potential is common. As is clear in today’s (and yesterday’s script), this is utterly new. I don’t want the Eye of God “potential” to become a story get out/climax on each tale. In fact, a lot of tales will run more for mundane comedy moments. This is one of the epic uns. Yes, this power – or at least, it’s promise of power – won’t be going away, but rest assured, it’s context, relevance and use in a tale will differ greatly.

This isn’t the tale of a “birth of a superhero” – if anything Fox is about finding her way as a person, not as a hero. I like the “power” being a baggage, not a gift and not a gift like the Hulk, where the curse is really a blessing to the moral narrative. I want this to be something a little… darker and British. Fingers crossed on that!

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