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Foxhell: Interlude 1 is now online!

Interlude 1 is now online – click here to read!

So here we have a one off interlude story for Foxhell. Call it a bridging moment, a pause, or just a quick gag – it’s all the above. A couple of minor characters coming into play, with a little light relief perhaps from the last, rather serious tale.

To go into further, trivial detail, Gambles punchline was originally intended for Fox – a comment she’d have made on leaving the fraggled area of the city to a passing Legion militia (the type of militia seen in “Mirror Mirror Mirror“) – but I figured it was a nice line to give to Gambles who appeared in a brief cameo in “Wine and Die“.

Life is busy right now work wise, so a few interludes like this are likely. A bit of afternoon fun!

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