Online Fantasy Comic

About Foxhell…

Foxhell is the tale of Fox, a human – or something closely resembling a human – trapped in a warring realm lost in the afterlife. She lives in the southern city of Hellion’s Gate, an industrial weary war machine pitted against its northern rival Pearlgate.

Hellion’s Gate is run by the horned Legion and those like Fox get by as an unwanted underclass caught in the middle of the Legion’s furious fight against their arch nemesis, the righteous winged Herald’s of Pearlgate. For those like Fox, it is all about existing, nor surviving, in a war that they have nothing to gain from…

Foxhell is an on online episodic news-strip that details the adventures in and around Hellion’s Gate. It is a mix of adventure and black humour.

Foxhell is a creation of James McLean – a commercial illustrator working in the United Kingdom. You can see more of his work at or contact James at


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